Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What Kind of Pizza Is Your Favorite?

Today is National Pizza Day ... so Eat up!

Whatever pizza you like, it's gotta be hot, right?

However, I remember eating cold pizza.  When?  At slumber parties, of course. Here's a picture of what looks like my favorite pizza:

Photo courtesy of: www.en.wikipedia.org

Pineapple, sausage, thick tomato sauce, lots of cheese, mushrooms, and a bam of black olives.  Yes!

Yet, when I need spiritual advice, I turn to God for help, as I have today when I discovered my husband has to go back to the emergency room.  I'm a bit despondent.  Yet, I can't let turmoil win.  God can put all my fearful thoughts back into a sea of calmness.  I can't be any good to anyone when I'm feeling and acting "scattered."  

"A tranquil mind gives health to the body" (Proverbs 14:30).

Bye, and have a God-inspired evening!

J.P. Osterman

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