Monday, February 29, 2016

9 Leap Year Traditions

But first, if it's your birthday today...

a really good happy Leap-Year birthday to you!

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For centuries, people around the world have bestowed nine superstitions on Leap Year.  After reading these, you might want to indulge in them or forget them, however! February 29 happens only every four years, so here goes those nine traditions-superstitions.  Are ya ready?

1)  A woman can ask a man to marry her today!  If the man says no, he has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves.

2)  People in Greece say it's unlucky to get married today.

3)  Today, "Leap Year, Gloomy Year," say the Italians, or "anno bisesto, anno funesto."

4)  If you're Russian, you're extra cautious today because you believe you have a higher chance of dying and the weather's going to be extra freaky.

5)  If you live in Taiwan during this month, because of the greater risk to the parents’ life during this time, a married daughter should return home with pig trotter noodles for her parents – to wish them good health and good fortune.

6)  In Scotland, “Leap year was ne’er a good sheep year.”  So pay extra attention to your farm animals.

7)  In northern Italy, they believe it's whales' year.

8)  In southern Germany, there’s a tradition of boys putting up a small May tree in their love interest’s back garden during the night before May Day.  In leap years, the girls put up the trees.

9)  There exists a "Leap Year Capital of the World."  See more about these superstitions by following the link:

Leap Year Traditions and Superstitions

I'm still inspire by this true fact:  "God, in you I take refuge" (Psalm 7:1).

Superstitions are all around us, like fearing black cats and shattered mirrors.  No fears when we have God in our lives guiding us.

Have a God-inspiring day.

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Bye for today!

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