Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Celebrate National Banana Bread Day!

Today is National Banana Bread Day,

and Dog Biscuit Day,
and Spay Day USA,
and, today is the last Tuesday in February...

Photo courtesy of:  Banana Bread Recipe by Justine Marie @ www.midnightcrafting.com

I've discovered all kinds of banana bread recipes.  In my own recipe file, I unearthed twenty-seven of them!  Some recipe cards are peppered with brown stains and partial fingerprints from bygone years when my stepmom and I would measure all the banana-bread ingredients and the house smelled of cinnamon and bananas.  Those memories still linger so strongly that my mouth waters at the sight of those old tattered recipe cards.  Maybe you have some of your own such cards ... and it's been ages since you pulled them out of storage to bake with them.

If you're diabetic like my husband, follow this link to find a diabetic-friendly banana bread recipe!  Banana Bread Recipe for Diabetics

Or, maybe you're too busy to bake, but you have a pet.  You can feed your little darling a tiny treat for Biscuit Day.

Whatever we do today and are busy with, we can know that our Maker is standing alongside us all the way!

 "God, please let me succeed today; and show your grace" 

(Genesis 24:12).

Have a God-inspired day--Banana Bread Day!

J.P. Osterman

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