Monday, December 7, 2015

Have a Bad Day?

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There's nothing like being in the principal's office, as I had to experience with my son today.  I couldn't crawl under the table.  Couldn't excuse his bad behavior.  Couldn't run out the door.  I could only cry ... and inside keep saying, God help me; help my son; help us overcome this bad situation.  Have you ever broke down in front of everyone?  Important people?  People with degrees, people in power, people who can decide your fate?  After a point in the principal's office, I just cried.  Me!  I cried.  I've got a B.A. degree, a teaching credential, and two master's degrees.  They weren't any help because my son is the one in the hot seat.  So many times, as the teachers displayed the evidence against my son and his inappropriate internet searches, I felt numb ... and melting.  I thought of a Bible vers, and clung onto the verse that kept repeating in my mind:

"The one who believes in me will live, even though they die," Jesus said (John 11:25).  

Time has a way of settling things down, my inner voice said.  I could then wipe away my tears.  Time has a way of restoring good and building trust again.

I hope this will be part of your inspiration as well today.

Bye for now!


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