Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016: God Can

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We only need to trust ... in Him, our Lord.

"Stop dwelling on past events and brooding over times gone by.  I am doing something new.  It’s springing up — can’t you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland" (Isaiah 43:16-19).

God doesn't lie.  It's a new year.  So why not take a chance and believe in Him?  Just this once.  You can do it.  You can trust.  You can change ... through Him.  Just bow your head and pray to Him.  Look into the beautiful night sky, and ask Him for what you want and need.  That's all we need to do.  Ask!  He makes desert wasteland into rivers.  Awesome, huh?  He changes lives.  Try to have Him change your life, if you need to change.  Pray!  Yes, you can.  Believe.  Trust.  Then wait ... see what happens.  You will be amazed.  Just try ... once.

I hope you find God inspiration today and throughout 2016.

J.P. Osterman

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