Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Dog is Dying!

Have you ever been devastated by the death of your pet?

My dog Sparkle suffered a stroke this past weekend.  She's staggering, and wobbling, and stumbling, and not eating.  It's hard, almost unbearable, to see her not herself.

"Hi, Baby," I call to her.
After a lethargic glance, she just drops her chin onto her tiny stuffed brown dog.

She's not the same bouncy, energetic, tag-a-long personality.  Sparkle is dying.  She might look a bit "here."  She's not.  She stares blankly at me with big brown eyes, and her luster is gradually fading, and minute-by-minute draining.  And she's sleeping so much, and won't even take nibbles out of my fingers.

I asked God, "If I have to take Sparkle to the vet and 'put her to sleep,' will I ever see Sparkle again?

I don't know about you at times like these when confronted with death and life-after-death, but I can't stop breaking down and crying now-and-then.

God answered, "To every wild animal, bird in the air and creature crawling on the earth, in which there is a living soul, I am giving as food every kind of green plant" (Genesis 1:30).

God says animals have souls.  Wow!  Thank you, God!  He cares about you and me ... and animals.  Isn't that awesome and special?

The inspiration for today, and Thanksgiving Day?  Souls matter to God, and they are eternal.  We'll see our pets one day in Heaven.

Bye for now, and have a great Thanksgiving.  God bless you ....

J.P. Osterman

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