Thursday, June 16, 2016

National Go Fishing Day on Saturday!

Go Fishing Day

Do you like to fish?  Or, what if you don't fish?  This day could be a step for you to take to get some needed rest and relaxation.  But first, let's go fishing...

On June 18, you can dig up your dusty or spider-dabbed fishing rods, reels, and lures out of storage and seek out a lake or river and just go fishing.  Yes, it's the day when we can take a rest from all our hard work and cares to escape into the beauty of nature.  Where I live, around Melbourne, Florida, there are several fishing spots within easy driving distance for you to get some much needed recuperative rest.  First, there's the ocean, and each city and town nestled on the beach appears to have a nice long pier off of which you can fish and even make an acquaintance or two.  Just click on this link, and you'll find fascinating locations where you can take all your equipment and have a refreshing adventure and even the opportunity to taste the local food: fishing piers in Brevard County  .  If you're not an ocean person, follow this link to discover the many tranquil lakes and waterways wherein you can caste your fishing rod, or fly fishing pole, and have a great time: Things to do in Brevard County .

You might ask now, What if I don't fish?  Hey, feel free to take a nice easy drive to one of these sites and enjoy the food, natural wonders, birds, manatees, and sunsets.  You won't regret having your own unique "fishing day."  After all, on this day, isn't it what we make of it?

Bye for now, care for yourselves, and have a wonderful, fantastic, exquisite, restful Fishing Day.

J.P. Osterman


  1. I enjoyed fishing when I was a kid, J.P. I should try it again sometime. Thanks for the encouragement and information!

  2. I love that you give us links in the blog. So helpful.