Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Today is National Lipid Day! What to do?

Today is National Lipid Day  

Yes, it's the day to be aware of the amount of cholesterol or fat in your blood.  Do you know your cholesterol levels?  Do you know how they can harm you, or help you?

Dyslipidemia is the abnormal amount of fat in our blood, and it's the major cause of cardio-vascular disease worldwide.  Yes, worldwide!  However, we can take steps to prevent this debilitating illness.  We can change our diets and lifestyle.  I'm going for a nice power walk today.  How about you?

You can find out more about Dyslipidemia at Be Healthy Now .

Have a great day!

J.P. Osterman


  1. J.P., I've never heard of National Lipid Day. Thank you for the informative blog post.